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Mentor-Mentee Program

Under Guidance of the Virtuous Organizers

The Right Apprise team hard at work will serve as a regulation channel and the stem that upholds the quality of effort and the diversity of knowledge. Thus, students will grab a lot from this learning program. They will grow in all technical aspects as we will be feed them with basic knowledge about the course moving towards the practical approach of the same. The ethos of learning which is being served by Right Apprise Team is actually valuable.

Explore as a Mentee

It is to be considered that there are limited open channels for the computer science enthusiasts to showcase and share their knowledge and skills they are interested in. This course brings a golden chance to aggregate the scholars/mentees to learn, explore their limits, and contribute to their respective technical domains. This course will deploy all the approaches to hone the students according to their interest and skills. It also gives them a chance to challenge by different task and projects.

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Contribute as a Mentor

This program is not just for the students but, also for the people who aspire to give back to society, to be a mentor, to guide the students and share their knowledge of their Computer Science specializations. Apart from this, providing a correct guidance to the students in their career.

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Synopsis of this learning session at glance

  • The mentor and mentee will be introduced in the first week and required to decide upon their approach and plan of action for the time frame of the course.
  • The session will range from teaching the students the basics to advanced levels.
  • Mentors are required to be rich knowledge banks of the subjects they choose to teach.
  • You can enroll yourself in it as a Mentor (4th year of Bachelor's or higher) or as a Mentee.
  • Every students will get chance to learn and interact with a mentor dedicated to them.
  • The mentor and mentee will be required to meet at least once a week. A review of each week will be submitted by the mentor.
  • Mentors would be clarifying the doubts, resolving the problems of the students and correcting their mistakes. They are not required to conduct lectures for their students however we would encourage them to do so.
  • By the end, each student will have to present a project in form of video to manifest their learning in the entire session.
  • The students will be getting chance to submit their feedback about the performance of the mentors and eventually the grade of the workshop.
  • The students will be evaluated based on the mentor's weekly reviews and project video and given a certificate based on their performance.

Perks of the learning session

  • Each student will be looked after and nurtured individually based on their skills and interests.
  • This session provides a very friendly and comfortable setting to learn and interact with the people that will be able to help them grow in their careers.
  • Students will be awarded with the certification of attending and learning from this session.
  • The mentors will also be awarded with a certificate for their service in RightApprise-Women's Chapter.
  • Session won't end even after its completion, as the students who will be attending the course will be notified of the opportunities which they can explore and choose as their career ahead.